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Lawyer in Moscow and in Russia (marriage, divorce, сriminal defence, litigation, etc..)

Need a lawyer in Moscow? Send your request via WhatsApp to: +7-925-025-17-79
Dear ladies and gentlemen,
A team of experienced english speaking lawyers – members of Moscow Chamber of Lawyers is honoured to offer its support.
We are pleased to render legal support both in Moscow city and in other Russian cities.
We can render legal advice on the Russian law, help undertake specific legal acts, defend your interests in court.
Our english speaking lawyers in Moscow engage in civil, criminal and administrative cases, including:
- family related matters (marriage, divorce, division of property, determining child’s place of residence, alimony, paternity);
- defence in criminal cases (criminal defense, drug crime, fraud, narcotics, etc);
- recovering indebtedness from firms and individuals;
- litigation (civil litigation, arbitration, appellate practice); etc.
In order to receive legal support you are welcome to submit your message via WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram. In your message specify your situation, the result you want to have. According to the Russian law the attorney is obliged to observe client-attorney privilege, therefore you can be open and honest.
In our reply message or phone call our english speaking lawyer in Moscow will inform you as follows: whether it is possible to undertake the measures you want in compliance with the Russian law, approximate chances for success as well as the legal fees.
All you would have to do is just to make your decision!
Kindly send your request via WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram to: +7-925-025-17-79
Thank you for your attention!